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Your Lead Generation Funnel?
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Carolyn Hansen
Many of our gift contributors will have been constructing lead generation funnels for some time and need no help doing so. But not everyone.

If you are new to the process of attracting visitors to your offerings and encouraging them to join your email list we may be able to help in the set up process. On this page you will find some of the services we offer.

Note that we do not offer off-the-shelf solutions. Each time we work with someone it is to create a custom funnel according to the needs of the client.
What We Might Be Able To Build For You
Below you will find an assortment of funnel components used to create effective lead generation funnels. Some are simple, some are decidedly less so but may be more suitable to the marketer who intends to scale their lead generation process.

Pricing for these funnel-building services will depend on your particular needs. See the note at the end of this page on how to contact us to discuss your needs.
Squeeze Page
The minimum requirement for participating in our mini giveaway events is that you are able to dispense a gift to visitors to your landing page. Generally you will want to collect the visitor's contact details (name and email address) before you provide your gift. For that you will need some kind of opt-in form, presented on your landing page (squeeze page).

If you would like us to build you a clean and professional-looking, but high-converting squeeze page we can do that. Components of what we consider to be a high-quality squeeze page include:
  • Simple above-the-fold design

  • Image of the gift to be received

  • Strong headline

  • Short impactful description of the gift

  • Solid bullets summarizing the benefits of the gift

  • Clear call to action (download/sign-up directive)

  • Disclaimers and external links

  • Ability to capture custom fields to your autoresponder

An example of the kind of simple design we use and which we find effective:

Thank You Page
When your visitor submits their contact information - presumably to be subscribed to your newsletter - they will be ferried to a "thank you" page where they will be told when the gift you have promised them will arrive in their inbox. The thank you page can be very simple, or it can be an opportunity to present an offer.

Often this offer is exclusive to the thank you page and will not be seen once the visitor leaves the page. Generally it is a very good idea to use this opportunity to sell a product or service at a significant discount (like 40-60 percent off the regular pricing).

If you have an existing offering with a working sales page you have two options:
  1. Convert your existing sales page into a thank you page (when invoked as a thank you page)

  2. Port your existing sales page into a separate thank you page

If your goal is to implement the second approach, so as not to have to mess with an existing set up then we might be able to help you with that.
Email Sequence
If you capture your visitor's contact information to an autoresponder service you will need to create a sequence of email messages for the purpose of helping your new subscriber to get to know, like, and trust you.

This, of course, is going to be a unique series of messages that present your story in a relatable and interesting way. You may feel confident enough to create this series yourself. But if you would like some copywriting assistance we may be able to help. We have more than 10 years of experience writing for large audiences and we are entirely comfortable creating such sequences.
Advertorial-Based Lead Generation
If you want to go beyond the typical front-end opt-in page which has the disadvantage that on very cold sources of traffic (e.g. paid advertising platforms) the bounce rate tends to be high because visitors are looking for immediately-consumable content, the advertorial offers a good alternative to the squeeze page.

The advertorial is a cross between a piece of editorial content and an advertisement for your offering. The breakdown is roughly 70 percent pure content which the reader is readily prepared to immediately consume because they are going to learn something useful from it. The remaining 30 percent of the advertorial presents your offer as a logical "next step" to take as a means for learning more.

This call to action could simply be a link to a squeeze page where you offer more valuable information along the same lines as the content of the advertorial, or you could present the opt-in form on the very same page at the bottom of the advertorial.

You will likely have seen advertorials used in conjunction with native advertising, where at the bottom of an article a series of related "news stories" are offered and the reader will click through to learn more about the subject they have been reading about.

In such cases they expect to see more content and not an immediate solicitation to opt in for an offer from someone they have yet to become familiar with. This is why the advertorial tends to work better in this context, it provides a way to "warm" the prospect before the call to action is made.
Quiz-Based Lead Generation
Opt-in pages suffer from one other defect that can harm the conversion rate of follow-up messages sent to subscribers. That defect is lack of audience segmentation. If you suspect that segmenting your audience in any way might benefit you, then you might want to consider the possibility of a quiz funnel for your lead generation.

The quiz funnel is particularly appropriate when you audience breaks down naturally into a small number of segments each of which has slightly different needs and which requires different messaging from you in order to convert into a paying client or customer.

Sometimes this audience knows the exact segment to which they belong and you do not need a quiz - you can have the new subscriber self-select into the relevant segment. An example: small business owners who regard their experience level as beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Other times your audience may not have the slightest awareness of the segment to which they belong. But in this case a well-designed quiz funnel can guide them to the answer. The appeal of the quiz is that they get to find out what that segment is and what it is you can offer them which is tailored specifically to the needs of that segment.

Custom quiz funnels are always a little challenging to put together. But sometimes they are exactly the right approach to dividing up your audience so that you can attend to their specific needs.

Of all the possible quiz types you might build, three are recognized as particularly useful for the internet marketer looking to develop leads:
  1. TYPE - The "What's Your Type" quiz is suitable for audiences that are known to break down into a small set of archetypes. Generally about 4-6 different types, each of which you are willing to market to with a separate set of messages.

    Example: A "What's Your Dating Persona?" quiz might segment men and women according to their approach to finding a potential mate. Your main service might be a matchmaker dating site, or it might be a program designed to improve one's dating skills.

  2. KILLER - This is a quiz that tries to determine your one main obstacle (killer) to achieving success in some area of your life.

    Example: A "What's Your Dream Job Killer?" quiz might reveal the number one mistake you are making when going for job interviews. Your flagship service might be a resume review and reconstruction.

  3. SCORE - The scoring quiz is useful for determining some kind of proficiency.

    Example: A "What's Your Defensive Driving IQ?" quiz might tell you how likely it is that you will be involved in a driving accident in the next decade. A low IQ might drive the quiz taker to enroll in your online defensive driving program so that they can improve their score and drive with confidence.

So, while a great deal of thinking is required when it comes to figuring out a good quiz, we do have experience with narrowing down the possibilities, and we know how to build quiz funnels, should the need arise for it!
Remaining Questions?
If you would like to query us about our "done for you" services feel free to use the Contact Us page to send me (Carolyn) an inquiry and I will do my best to get back to you promptly about it.

Carolyn Hansen