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I participate in all the group adswap events because they are the single most cost effective way to build your list and drive free traffic into your funnels. In the last 12 months I have added 80,000 to my lists and made lots of sales from the traffic - and it didn't cost me a penny :)
- Geoff Wilkins, BrainwaveEntrainmentStore.net
Hi Carolyn, I'm thrilled to death with the outcome of our gift swap and also very grateful to have been included. Thank you for taking a chance on a new guy :) I ended up with about 1,300 subs and made over $600. This Gift swap thing is really, really awesome. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for including me and that I am looking forward to being invited back in the future, if possible. Make it a great day!
- Dr. Ted Morter, MorterWellness.com
A few months ago I began participating in Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen's monthly group swaps and have been amazed at conversion rates and optins! I average about 90% optin rate for visitors from their pages, and believe I am generating about 500 new subscribers for each 1000 visitors I send their way! I'm very pleased with these results, and believe you can trust both Joe and Carolyn explicitly as I do.
- Sean Mize, Author: Anyone Can Coach
My goal is to consistently reach more people and to impact more lives and the best way I've found to add thousands of new quality subscribers to my list is by participating in the monthly group ad swaps that Dr. Joe Rubino and Carolyn Hansen host. These swaps are a high quality way to support us all to build our lists rapidly.
- Kristen Howe, CEO: GoBigCoach.com
The monthly group swaps hosted by Dr. Joe and Carolyn are absolutely fantastic and have been a reliable source of new subscribers to my list. In the past 3 months I have gained more than 3,500 new subscribers just by joining these events. What I love about each event is how well its organized and how timely its executed – Joe and Carolyn go above and beyond to ensure that all participants get the best experience. These swaps have become an integral part of my list-building arsenal and I excitingly look forward each month to the start of the new event!
- Zane Baker, Master Success Coach & Training Expert
I've added thousands of new, quality members to my list through the Transformative Free Gifts cooperative mailing program. I highly recommend it!
- Mike Lee, CEO: 20DayPersuasion.com
I know I can count on the monthly Transformative Free Gift ad coops to build my list consistently and quickly. I love the leverage they provide. It's like doing 10 joint ventures all at once.
- Joel Chue
We have found the free gift swaps with Joe and Carolyn to be one of the fastest list building tools we use. And we love providing our growing list with all the transformational free gifts.
- Cyndi Krupp & Iain Legg
As a traffic broker and seller, I am always looking for ways to build my list which is the life blood of my business. This is when I turn to Carolyn and Joe. Because If you need to build a list fast, then Transformative Free Gifts is the way to go! The traffic is targeted, responsive and highly suitable for any personal development business. Carolyn and Joe are also some of the best people that I know in the industry. Not only will they take good care of you, they will help you to grow your business in ways you cannot imagine. I highly recommend them and if you are not working together with them, you will definitely be losing out! :)
- Khai Ng
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