Carolyn's List Building Mini Giveaways/Gift Swaps
Rules And Requirements For Participation
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Carolyn Hansen

These rules have been put in place to ensure all participants have a rewarding and enjoyable experience!

We love helping you build your lists and will always endeavour to send you the highest quality leads.

Event Rules And Requirements
[1] You must send personal subscriber traffic. Our events are designed to help increase the number of quality leads you have on your personal email lists. The fastest and most reliable way to do this is to ensure that all participants send traffic which is already known to be responsive to email solicitations.

This means you may not purchase traffic using paid advertising or any form EXCEPT advertising that appears in the context of a newsletter mailing. Solo emails or sponsored ads which appear in a newsletter mailing are permissible. However, we expect most participants will simply generate traffic by mailing to their own lists.
[2] We have provided swipes for the event. However, do feel free to write your own swipes.

Also note that you are strongly discouraged from using blind swipes to send traffic. We are in the practice of performing random checks on your emails to ensure quality traffic is sent.
[3] Meeting the click minimum. Participation is based upon delivering "clicks" (unique users tracked live on the site) - not the size of your list.

Each event will require (at minimum) the number of clicks listed on the registration page for the specific event (events range from a minimum of 250 clicks through 2000 clicks).

You can add up to 4 gifts for one contributor registration in each of the two events. One starts at 250 clicks and the other at 500 clicks so they suit big and small list building marketers alike.

As you may be new to these events and we may not have worked with you before it is a strict requirement (unless otherwise arranged) that at least part of your traffic be sent within the first 24 hours of the event going live. The 24-hour rule demonstrates to us that you are serious and are not there to scam the other contributors.

Fail to meet this condition and your gift will be set back to pending and when/if traffic starts flowing on your referral link it will be put back in the event. This rule is to protect the other serious marketers who are mailing and sending traffic in good faith.

Remember, your performance will determine which future ad swap groups you are invited to join - so it is totally up to you to control your own opportunity.
[4] If you think you CANNOT meet the click minimum. If you wish to participate but you do not have the subscriber base to meet the minimum amount of traffic you are expected to send along we DO offer another option for contributors who wish to purchase a super cheap solo mailing so that we can provide those clicks for you.

This entails another reputable marketer with a large subscriber list in our industry mailing on your behalf to send your required clicks to the event. This allows you to gain exposure to 10 contributors' lists and build your list fast, and with minimal cost. If you would like the rates please contact me (Carolyn) through the contact link at the bottom of this page and I'll send them to you.
[5] No free rides. It is critical that each contributor send at least the minimum required clicks. Otherwise it is unfair to the other contributors who have met their click minimum and provided exposure to all the other gifts. So contributors must know what their click capability is before joining any events or else be willing and prepared to purchase any shortfall in clicks.
[6] Cancellations. Once you are booked in to an event your spot is held for you. Please be aware that last minute cancellations don't work for us because there are 10 or so people all relying on one another for everyone's mutual success and it's too late to find replacements last minute. We would need at least 30 days notice for a cancellation.

Because we limit the field of contributors so everyone gets great list building results (and end up turning away people once the events are full), we view all bookings as a commitment and we expect everyone to keep the calendar of their events.
[7] Click tracking. We monitor incoming clicks and we also review how many clicks there are on the gifts from each affiliate to be sure the traffic everyone sends is viable, real traffic. We do this because the integrity of the events and each contributor is important to us.

Paid traffic, incentivized clicks, generic traffic exchanges or blind signups are not allowed. Traffic must be from mostly from email opt-in lists, a small number of clicks may be supplemented from Facebook community, Twitter followers, forum members, and other viable traffic. We review traffic source logs closely to ensure no one is sending bad traffic to giveaway contributors' lists through our events.

We recently installed a new more complex software (than we originally had) to detect fake/bots/spammy/risky traffic and to reject it from even being able to get to the site. Rest assured, your current list is safe at our events and new traffic to your list has been vetted by our systems.

In fact, we are the ONLY giveaway event that protects you in this way.

Any abuse of the integrity of our mini giveaways/gift swaps will result in immediate removal of the gift and no further invites to future events will be extended. We stress that this is an opportunity to leverage our collective strengths and will take every precaution available to maintain its effectiveness and INTEGRITY.
[8] Event registration. By registering for an event, you agree to have your gift submitted by the start date of the event, and you agree to mail and complete all required clicks between the start and end dates of that event.
[9] Your free gift must be 100% free and EASY to obtain without jumping through hoops. (And a help desk url or email address must be displayed on your page in case someone has problems accessing your gift.)

That being said - you are permitted (and encouraged) to display related and relevant one-time-offers after signup, provided they are clearly marked as "optional" and not a requirement to receive your free offer.

Exit pops are also allowed on your squeeze pages as long as they are in good taste and preferably no more than 1 but absolutely no more than 2 max.
Remaining Questions?
Hopefully the rules and requirement section outlined above has answered most of your questions regarding how our gift swap events are conducted and what is expected of each JV participant.

Remember, the purpose of these events is to help partners grow their newsletter subscriber base quickly by leveraging the efforts of others in the group to send traffic to the event.

But if you still have questions, feel free to use the Contact Us page to send me (Carolyn) an inquiry and I will do my best to get back to you promptly about it.

Carolyn Hansen
Ready To Get Started?
If you have read through the rules and requirements outlined in this page and you are ready to learn more about the schedule for upcoming events, click on the link below. You'll have the chance to secure your spot in one of our upcoming events: